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About us is meant to be your #1 source for zombie and horror related stuff.
If you like zombies then this is the place where you’ll find news, zombie games, books and movie reviews, a daily dose of zombie fun and some serious stuff too: zombie survival guides and zombie gear.

GreyZombie is provided to you by two zombie wizards, The White Zombie and The Black Zombie. That’s why we named it Grey Zombie :) .

You’ll find us on Facebook too (on ).

If you want to see something on GreyZombie and we don’t have it then all you have to do is drop us a message and we’ll do it.

Established August, 2013.

Want to promote Grey Zombie?

Here are some banners we made for you, just copy the code and put it on your website.
Just don’t forget to tell us when you do that, so we can thank you.

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Updates September, 2013

We’ve already build the Events section based on a request from our users.
At the end of the month we also launched the book reviews section, have a look here.

Services we use

Hosting: we host our services in NY at Digital Ocean and we recommend them to anyone that needs high quality at a good price and with great customer support.

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