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My Secret Island presents “What was Yesterday”


Great music is hard to find. Great rock music is even hard. Now try to image how hard is to find great zombie rock music! Well, I’ve found the guys from My Secret Island and their latest video, What was Yesterday. Some info on the band, My Secret Island The project first received public attention in 2010 with a limited EP called “The First ... Read More »

Herbert Wants To Come Home – the interactive story


Before telling you about “Herbert Wants To Come Home” I want to tell you about the JukePop platform. Authors can publish books on JukePop, one chapter at a time and the story stays alive if people vote for it. I think this is a great way to test your creativity, no matter if you are a published author or you’re ... Read More »

Get your Spooky Eyes


Going to a horror event is something we all do but there’s always one thing that we need: make up :). Well, maybe not always, but most of the time. I’m getting ready for some events at the end of March so I started looking for different things, including contact lenses. I’m still thinking about the type of contact lenses ... Read More »

Strange Hunting by David Robertson

On my searches on Amazon for new and interesting stuff to read I stumbled upon a new horror kindle book and I’m reporting to you about it. The book is called Strange Hunting, written by David Robertson and it’s his first book so we should encourage him. About David Robertson: David Robertson is a writer living in the ‘big sky’ country of Montana. ... Read More » – deals for the horror fans


Deals websites have been around for quite some time now but I’ve never seen a deals site dedicated entirely to horror fans. Until I’ve found . The website is just taking off now but I hope it will grow nice; I’ll have my eye on it :). Here is a press release from the people behind It happens every Fall. ... Read More »

Grindhouse – a masterpiece from Quentin Tarantino and Robert Rodriguez


I know most of you know about QT and RR’s masterpiece – Grindhouse – and what it stands for but I’ll start with some history about the grindhouse phenomenon. Where does the Grindhouse term comes from? The introduction of television greatly eroded the audience for local and single-screen movie theaters, many of which were built during the cinema boom of the 1930’s. ... Read More »

My Beautiful Zombie – a short movie


I’ve just seen a short movie that I want to share with you all. It’s a short movie with a very interesting tagline :): In Miami plastic surgery never dies. From the author: Miami is devastated. The undead threat has risen, and the walking dead rule the streets. Zombies ravage the city while those still uninfected flee from the carnage. In ... Read More »

Zombie Movies You Need To Check Out


As a lifelong horror fan it really does please me to see how relevant zombies have become the last few years. Thanks to sites like I and many other horror enthusiasts have been able to greatly expand out viewing of movies starring the un-dead. Well today I want o share with you a few zombie movies that I think ... Read More »

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