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Screenwriter, playwright, actor, and now author, Jonathan Winn was born in Seattle, WA, and currently divides his time between the East and West coasts.

From his own description:
“I write. A lot. But before I wrote, I dreamed. That’s what an unpopular kid in a small town surrounded by trees and mountains does. It wasn’t until I was an adult — living in Greenwich Village in NYC — that I finally felt compelled to give my characters a voice. Ergo, screenplays, plays, and books soon followed.

And they still do. My first book, Martuk … The Holy, has a sequel currently being written. It’s also spun off into a prequel, of sorts. An ongoing collection of Short Fiction called The Martuk Series, the first installment being The Wounded King, it’s based on characters introduced in Martuk.

My hope is there will be those out there who are willing to take the journey with me, finding themselves in my work and losing themselves in…more”


Martuk … the Holy


Published: 2012, self-published Genre: Dark Fiction, Gothic Horror Cover Design by Timothy Burch Special mentions A Highlight of 2012 – Papyrus Independent Fiction Awards holy mother of sweet Jesus … the book grabs you from the first sentence and doesn’t let go … my heartbeat is still not entirely back to its normal pace — Megan Broutian, meganblogs … a ...

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