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Words from the author (aka L Roy Aiken)
I’m a native of Columbia, South Carolina, who has lived in California, Japan, and Alaska. I’m currently camped in Colorado Springs, hoping to raise the money necessary to move back to South Carolina. (Colorado is fine, but I miss my people.)
I graduated from the University of South Carolina, where I studied poets and poetry under James Dickey, and literature, philosophy, earth science, and advanced alcohol consumption with a host of even shadier characters.
I published a zine for nine and one-half years (1988-1997) called Rockin’ Roy’s Rage ‘n’ Romance! which featured fiction, poetry and commentary. (I brought it back as a website in 2011.)
I’ve been a cold shear operator at a steel mill, a restaurant QA, a comic book store manager, a grossing assistant in a pathology lab, and a stay-at-home dad.
I enjoy eating, drinking, and sex with my wife. when I’m not tearing some poor soul apart and having them eaten alive on paper.

My Amazon Author’s Page, if anyone gives a shit, is here.

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Bleeding Kansas


Publisher: Severed Press (27 June 2013) Paperback: 230 pages Translated and published by Luzifer-Verlag in Germany, available for pre-orders as of 19 September 2013. Special mentions The biggest assist was from author and friend James Robert Smith (THE FLOCK, THE LIVING END, THE NEW ECOLOGY OF DEATH, etc.) who dropped a dime on me to Gary Lucas of Severed Press. ...

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