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Lee Pletzers is a writer who is very active in the genre world, online and off. He has five novels published: Blood of the Wolf (2001), The Last Church (2009), The Game (2010), The Armageddon Shadow (2011), RAGE (2012) Resurrection Child, (2012) via Dark Continents

You should read these books: The Nightingale Series by Stephen Leather / Demogorgon by Brian Lumley / Cold Fire by Dean Koontz / Swan Song by Robert McCammon / Eyes of the Dragon. Needful Things and The Dark Half by Stephen King / Dragon Tears, Demon and Cold Fire by Dean Koontz / Almost everything by the amazing Richard Laymon, especially Island and Red Ball by John Gideon.

Lee is also a member of AHWA (Australian Horror Writers Association) and is a judge for the 2013 short story awards, Fictioneers and a founding member SpecFicNZ. Lee has moved into the Indy scene and is publishing under his own banner: Triskaideka Books on Amazon and Smashwords.

He still sends his books out to independent publishers, looking for that elusive million dollar cheque.


Resurrection Child


Published: 2012, Dark Continents Publishing Sub-genre: Horror / Dark Fantasy Book Design: Donnie Light Cover Art: Jethro Lentle Short Description Based on the creatures of Lovecraft’s writings, swirling in the ether of the cosmos, a plan is in motion, the stars are aligning and a new generation will be filled with screams. Terror beyond the boundaries of time and space ...

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