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TheColonyGenesisPublished: 2013, self-pub’d
Genre: Horror, zombie, post-apocalyptic

Short description

In under 10 minutes, 99.9% of the world’s population will be dead… or changed. Conversion is instant. Headshots just make them angry. And they’re getting smarter.
Ken Strickland has made it through the first moments. But his family is still out there.
Can he survive? Can he find them? Or will he become one more of the creatures that now rule our world?


Once again Michaelbrent delivers a smashing novel with The Colony: Genesis, the first book in a proposed new series. From start to finish, this novel is a fresh look into the world of apocalyptic proportions, brought on by anyone’s guess…. the action and intrigue throughout is almost non-stop. I read it in less than two days, and I’m glad I did.
– Horror Drive-In

5 out of 5 stars…. I couldn’t put it down.
– Media Mikes

I barely had time to buckle my mental seatbelt before the pedal hit the metal….
– The Horror Fiction Review


Boise Airport was not Los Angeles International. Six had to be pretty much every single commuter jet on approach in the area.
All falling. All looking like they’d been knocked from the sky by the hand of God.

Author’s Opinion

Here’s why I wrote it: I like zombie books and movies. But all of them have a few things in common, and I wanted to do something different. Namely, in all of them the zombies inevitably end up taking a backseat to the human threat, functioning almost as a natural disaster-like plot device to make life “more difficult” when the REAL problem is really the rapey/crazy governor/priest/nutball down the street. Further, rarely do survivors really have to grapple with the complete dissolution of their world: there is always hope that somewhere, SOMEHOW, life can be returned to “normal.” At least on some level. In this version, 50% of the ENTIRE world is infected in a matter of minutes, and they turn on and change the other 50%. Only a handful of survivors remain, and only a slim thread of hope is possible.

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Author info

michaelbrent-collings-smMichaelbrent Collings is a #1 bestselling novelist and screenwriter and one of Amazon’s Most Popular Horror Writers. His bestsellers include Strangers, Darkbound, Apparition, The Haunted, The Loon, and the YA fantasy series The Billy Saga (beginning with Billy: Messenger of Powers).

He hopes someday to develop superpowers, and maybe get a cool robot arm.

Michaelbrent has a wife and several kids, all of whom are much better looking than he is (though he admits that’s a low bar to set), and much MUCH cooler than he is (also a low bar).


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