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Martuk … the Holy

martuk-the-holy-smPublished: 2012, self-published
Genre: Dark Fiction, Gothic Horror
Cover Design by Timothy Burch

Special mentions

A Highlight of 2012
– Papyrus Independent Fiction Awards

holy mother of sweet Jesus … the book grabs you from the first sentence and doesn’t let go … my heartbeat is still not entirely back to its normal pace
— Megan Broutian, meganblogs

… a very dark and fantastical tale where angels and demons blend together; where violence and sexuality are entwined and madness and clarity are confused.
– Caleb Blake, Papyrus Independent Author Reviews

… a novel that is both classically written, with all attention to the details of the craft, and a story that leaves the reader in awe of its scope.
– Karen Doering, Parents Little Black Book

Short description

In a crowded Left Bank cafe, an immortal man sits, the phantoms crawling near, the heat of their whispers stinging his cheek …

and Martuk … The Holy begins.

One thousand years before the birth of Christ, a golden god damns Martuk with a kiss. In a land ruled by a wounded king, life everlasting steals his mortality from the bottom of a golden cup. Finally, generations later, a Messiah who has the power to heal breaks under the weight of Martuk’s demons, stumbling to his death defeated by darkness.

From his home in modern Paris, he writes, his memories lush, his words evocative. Revisiting his impossible life, he vents his rage and shares his loneliness. From bloody battles with a demon he cannot escape to the ghost of a beauty who haunts him still, this is his story.

This is Martuk … The Holy.


With a quick dash down the stairs I escaped, grateful for the crisp, cool air, the wet breeze of late-autumn almost, just almost making me forget the stubborn stench of vengeful spirits. Of failure. Of loneliness. Of hopelessness.

I turned onto a quiet, slender side street and began my march to the river, the waiting bridge a constant, unquestioning companion, this slip of bright-windowed gallery-lined concrete and cobblestone one of many favorite, familiar paths.

And they followed, of course, these echoes who haunt my dreams. My life. Their whispers and sighs. Their laughter. Their taunts. Around corners, in doorways, deep in shadow, I could feel them. An ever present mist kissing my skin.

Even if I had chosen to stroll the broad avenue, weaving my way through the crowd to lose myself in all that succulent flesh, the deliciousness of their mortal dreams, their fears, distracting these spirits from their task, they would still find me, the stains of my wicked life more effective than a trail of crumbs.

Author’s opinion

Martuk … the Holy is not only my debut novel, it’s the doorway into what will be a continuing series of full-length novels as well as The Martuk Series, an ongoing companion series of Short Fiction. It has a wide reach, this book, its arms stretching from modern Paris all the way back to ancient Mesopotamia and 1st-century Jerusalem. And in this world we find demons and ancients, Messiahs and Winged Ones. The ordinary blending with the impossible as they stumble in the darkest dark and the most blinding light. In the center, of course, stands Martuk, an immortal who’s almost invincible, heartlessly cruel, and undeniably savage. And yet he’s still painfully human, the millennia he’s walked not yet destroying his soul, his conscience insisting he still do what’s right even though the Darkness that’s swallowed him only seeks to destroy. Martuk … the Holy was a godsend and a joy to write. I look forward to spending many more years diving deeper into the Who of who he is and the Why of what he does as he continues to cut a bloody path through history.

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Author info

jonathan-winnScreenwriter, playwright, actor, and now author, Jonathan Winn was born in Seattle, WA, and currently divides his time between the East and West coasts.

From his own description:
“I write. A lot. But before I wrote, I dreamed. That’s what an unpopular kid in a small town surrounded by trees and mountains does. It wasn’t until I was an adult — living in Greenwich Village in NYC — that I finally felt compelled to give my characters a voice. Ergo, screenplays, plays, and books soon followed.

And they still do. My first book, Martuk … The Holy, has a sequel currently being written. It’s also spun off into a prequel, of sorts. An ongoing collection of Short Fiction called The Martuk Series, the first installment being The Wounded King, it’s based on characters introduced in Martuk.

My hope is there will be those out there who are willing to take the journey with me, finding themselves in my work and losing themselves in…more”


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