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Necropolis Now (Zombie Ascension Book One)


Published: January 2013 by Severed Press Introduction: Mark Tufo Cover Illustration: Russell Dickerson Short Description Detroit has become a war zone. Slow, shambling corpses feast upon the living while fire consumes the city. Amparo Vega, a haunted mercenary, fights through streets that are choked with the dead. Her mission: extract the legendary soldier, Jim Traverse, who holds the terrifying secret ...

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Publisher: Severed Press (September 22, 2013) Amazon Best Sellers Rank: #193,601 in Books Short Description What if the H1N1 vaccination wasn’t just a preventative measure against swine flu? It seemed like the flu came out of nowhere and yet, in no time at all the government manufactured a vaccination. Were lab workers diligent, or could the virus itself have been ...

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Published: 2011, Journalstone Publishing Genre: YA Paranormal Romance Short description By all accounts, 16-year-old Maya Blair is a typical teen-age high school student. She hangs out with her best friend Lucy, has a turbulent relationship with her ex-boyfriend Stuart, and works at her family’s restaurant. But Maya has an extraordinary secret – she can see, hear, and talk to ghosts. ...

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JG Faherty - Carnival of Fear - sm

Published: 2010, Graveside Press Publishing Genre: Supernatural Thriller Short description What was supposed to be an evening of fun and laughter for JD Cole and the other students of Whitebridge High turns into a never-ending night of terror. Trapped inside the Castle of Horrors by the demonic Proprietor, good friends and bitter rivals must band together to make it through ...

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jg faherty - cemetery club

Published: 2012, Journalstone Publishing Short description 20 years ago, four friends awoke an ancient evil. Now it’s back, and only the Cemetery Club can stop it before the whole town ends up dead. Or worse. Rocky Point is a small town with a violent history. Mass graves, illegal medical experiments, and brutal murders dating back centuries. Of course, when Cory, ...

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Front Cover Image - Burning Time - small

Published: 2013, Journalstone Publishing Short Description An ancient evil has come to Hastings Mills, and only one man can stop it. Where The Stranger goes, evil follows. Women throw themselves off bridges. Townspeople turn on each other in murderous fury. Swimmers disappear in the river, victims of a deadly beast that has taken residence there. And the worst is still ...

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Tell me when I’m dead


Published: 2013 Short description Lucky to have made it to his early twenties, Dave Pulaski wandered through life lost and drunk with his best friend Jim. Then came Holly. She made it her mission to clean him up. And he finally did it. Two years sober, Dave has plans for a family, a steady job and college. One night Jim ...

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I Zombie I


Year Published: 2010 Short Description All he wanted was a Pulitzer. It took only one bite for journalist Jacob Plummer to find the story of a life time — his own downward spiral into the zombie abyss. As Jacob slowly transforms into one of the undead, he discovers a truth that could spare the world from extinction. While Jacob struggles ...

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Zach Meets the Zombie

Zach Meets the Zombie

Published: 2012 Published by: 1313 Publications Genre: Children’s Illustrated Fiction Series: Meet the Monsters series Creator/Writer/Illustrator: Rickman Short Description This is a story of a 10yr old boy who wants to go outside to play with his friends, but he can’t because the is a Zombie in his front yard. Zach has to learn what a Zombie is and how ...

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Sanctuary in Steel

Bryan Cassiday - Sanctuary-in-steel-small

Publisher:  CreateSpace Independent Publishing Platform Year:  2012 Short Description Black ops agent Chad Halverson of the CIA’s National Clandestine Service escapes plague- and zombie-ravaged Santa Monica with dress designer Victoria Brady and sets sail up the smoldering California coast. Along the way, Halverson and Brady rescue the idealistic Dr. Parnell, the cynical reporter Blake Reno, and the UCSB coed Brittany ...

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