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Resurrection Child

Resurrection-ChildPublished: 2012, Dark Continents Publishing
Sub-genre: Horror / Dark Fantasy
Book Design: Donnie Light
Cover Art: Jethro Lentle

Short Description

Based on the creatures of Lovecraft’s writings, swirling in the ether of the cosmos, a plan is in motion, the stars are aligning and a new generation will be filled with screams.
Terror beyond the boundaries of time and space has found an entrance into our world.
A woman is chosen to birth the old gods into our dimension of reality.
A cult is hell bent on stopping them, regardless of how many people will die in their quest.
But they underestimated Damon and the lengths he will go. He is a thug with one desire, his heart filled with love for the chosen woman after a one time encounter unknowingly seeds the great priest’s return.

The birth of the times is coming.
All hail Cthulhu’s return.


The pods had been seeded.
They moved.
Terror slid through her veins and iced the rapid beating heart. Inside she felt them wriggling, trying to break free of the nests they’d made inside her flesh. Pulling and squirming, attempting to sever years of muscle and fat growth.

Author’s Opinion

It was fun writing a Cthulhu based book and throwing out all the lore that H. P. Lovecraft built and take it in a new direction.

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Author info

lee-pletzersLee Pletzers is a writer who is very active in the genre world, online and off. He has five novels published: Blood of the Wolf (2001), The Last Church (2009), The Game (2010), The Armageddon Shadow (2011), RAGE (2012) Resurrection Child, (2012) via Dark Continents

You should read these books: The Nightingale Series by Stephen Leather / Demogorgon by Brian Lumley / Cold Fire by Dean Koontz / Swan Song by Robert McCammon / Eyes of the Dragon. Needful Things and The Dark Half by Stephen King / Dragon Tears, Demon and Cold Fire by Dean Koontz / Almost everything by the amazing Richard Laymon, especially Island and Red Ball by John Gideon.

Lee is also a member of AHWA (Australian Horror Writers Association) and is a judge for the 2013 short story awards, Fictioneers and a founding member SpecFicNZ. Lee has moved into the Indy scene and is publishing under his own banner: Triskaideka Books on Amazon and Smashwords.

He still sends his books out to independent publishers, looking for that elusive million dollar cheque.


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