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Care for some hot “Flatbush Zombie” Hip Hop?


Well, today I’ll give you three talented guys under Flatbush Zombies which “yall” have to know, especially since they have just released their second album with a very interesting name “Better off Dead”.

We need our own music right? As long as we have zombie engagement photos it’s fair to say that we deserve a well-played hip hop that’s well served by Meechy Darko, Zombie Juice and producer/rapper Erick Arc Elliott . They are the FlatBush Zombies, and one of the songs from this mixtape, called “Palm trees”, really reaches me considering that I’m not normally listening to hip-hop and …well…I’m not quite sure what type of “palm trees” they’re talking about  :).

The album is available on their website  and by the way it sound they will have a long life in the hip hop scene.

Anyway, they are on the rise having a great fan base, events and so on and you can check all details on their official facebook page. Word!

And here is a sample of what they do 🙂

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