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Get your Spooky Eyes


Going to a horror event is something we all do but there’s always one thing that we need: make up :). Well, maybe not always, but most of the time. I’m getting ready for some events at the end of March so I started looking for different things, including contact lenses. I’m still thinking about the type of contact lenses ... Read More »

My Beautiful Zombie – a short movie


I’ve just seen a short movie that I want to share with you all. It’s a short movie with a very interesting tagline :): In Miami plastic surgery never dies. From the author: Miami is devastated. The undead threat has risen, and the walking dead rule the streets. Zombies ravage the city while those still uninfected flee from the carnage. In ... Read More »

The Zombies Around Us


This is a post I wanted to write since I first started the blog. I started it a few times, always ending by deleting it after a few lines. I thought that not many people think the way I do, I thought I might offend some people but now I realized that it wasn’t true, there are a lot of ... Read More »

Halloween Makeup Tutorials


Halloween is just around the corner, I’m waiting it too. When it comes to Halloween you’re thinking about parties, having fun with friends, some free time, a new chance to let the inner child go wild, how will you decorate your house and … how will dress up for the event :). Well, we’re not going to tell where to ... Read More »

Zombie Engagement


That’s right, in case you haven’t heard already, the little green guys has invade some of us lives up to the point that even the most important moments can’t exist without them. Let’s take for example the engagement moment. We all imagine the guy cleaning all the stuff in his life, buying a gemstone, renting an entire restaurant, place and ... Read More »

Zombie training grounds


I’ve seen that you liked my other articles (zombie vs ghost or zombie thoughts) , thank you for that! so Black Zombie asked me to write some more :). Here it is my piece on zombie training grounds. Enjoy! OK, so the zombie apocalypse is getting closer every day now, but it’s clear that they just can’t attack us from ... Read More »

Zombie thoughts


Yesterday, while I was sitting on my porch looking for some zombie activity out on the street, a thought crossed my mind: what should I do with all this spare time I have so I could keep myself focused and ready for when, finally, the zombies will show up. After debating alone for a couple of minutes a cat came near me, ... Read More »

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