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Costumes, Decorations and Gifts for Halloween


Halloween Outfitter

This is the time of the year when, whatever we do, we find ourselves searching for Halloween related stuff. It’s either Halloween costumes, or Halloween makeup tutorials or gifts or home decorations; whatever it is, it’s Halloween related :).

While I was wandering today on the internet I’ve found a new website dedicated to Halloween: .

They just started but they look like they are doing a good job. It’s good to encourage new projects that can bring good value to the community.

What can you find on Halloween Outfitter?

Lots of Halloween costumes ideas, some gift ideas, vouchers for Halloween costumes and decoration ideas.
Have a look at what they are doing there and bookmark them for next year, too 🙂

Now let’s see what else I’ve found online.

Halloween decorations

Here are some cool decorations I’ve found, maybe you will get some ideas on how to decorate your house 🙂


Just some Garden Ghosts


Too much to drink


I would like to know how to do something like this


Really cool


That’s scary … too much red


Looks amazing


We needed a really scary one


Halloween costumes

And here are a few costumes that I really liked, have a look, maybe you find something you like, too 🙂


True Avengers :)


Remeber Mugatu? Anyway, the dog is cute :)


The fresh prince of Bel Air :)


This one I really like


Scary Kid


How made Halloween costume


This would be my style :D


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