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Deals websites have been around for quite some time now but I’ve never seen a deals site dedicated entirely to horror fans. Until I’ve found .
The website is just taking off now but I hope it will grow nice; I’ll have my eye on it :).

Here is a press release from the people behind

It happens every Fall. Stores stock their shelves with Halloween merchandise of dubious quality at exaggerated prices. The year-round fan of horror and Halloween goods is forced to stockpile at high prices, or risk the post-holiday wasteland to find great themed items at a reasonable price.

“Pop-up Halloween stores are notorious for their super-inflated pricing. When they open, I am often one of the first people through their doors,” founder of O’Brien said. “I wanted to source some great products at good prices to help Halloween fans, like myself.”  “I also created an option for others to source deals too – I hope to create a community of like minded fans.”

According to Dorothy Creamer – publisher of Selling Halloween Magazine( …consumers “want superior quality in fabric and construction…”

The growth of the Halloween industry is a $7 billion a year industry. As Halloween grows alongside on-line retail trends more customer driven sources are bound to enter the marketplace. is poised to be the first niche retailer using the popular deal at a time format first popularized by

“More than just another on-line shopping site, it is my hope that Creepy Deals can create a sense of community and help simplify sourcing really cool items and deals. I’m also working on a way for haunted house owners to offer discounted deals through the site.” The haunt community and horror fans have always been an enthusiastic customer base.  They do, however, like to ‘geek out’ together which makes creating community a lot easier.

To become a part of the community head over to and check out this week’s deal and subscribe – you just never know what’s going to be next.

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