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Dance Like A Zombie – music video from HOA Music

I haven’t posted much in the zombie music category lately, it’s hard to find good zombie music 🙂 but today I’ve found something nice.

I’ve found a K-pop group from Taiwan called Hearts of Asia Pop Music that just launched a music video called “Dance Like a Zombie“. It’s not scary but it’s fun to watch. Zombie fun :).

You’ll notice, in the song, a reference to Yao Ming and Jeremy Lin:  “We get so high/ Higher than Yao Ming / We get so fast / Fast as Jeremy Lin“, that’s a cool endorsement.

The girl in the video is Anita Schatzi (here is her Facebook page) and this is not her first music video experience, but it’s her first zombie music experience :). The song is written by Harrison Wu (Facebook page) and he’s the main singer and he also did the video editing.

Let’s have a look at the video, HOA did a good job, let’s wish them luck.


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