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THE DEAD NEXT DOOR: B Movie review from MattLoftus.Net (ep. 3 of 6)

This post is part of a series of articles dedicated to B Movie reviews. The reviewer is a friend of Grey Zombie, Matt Loftus from See the entire B Movie reviews series.

Episode 3 – THE DEAD NEXT DOOR b movie review

About Matt Loftus

From Matt’s website

matt-loftusMy name’s Matthew Loftus and i’m a budding filmmaker in my late twenties (not too late mind you). I’ve been shooting short films, or camera junk as i sometimes like to call it, since i was around thirteen years old.

From an early age i have been obsessed with the intricate workings of films, actors and directors. Strange really as my parents were never overtly interested in watching movies. As a kid my favourite films were the Indiana Jones trilogy, Back to the future trilogy and (most importantly) Ghostbusters. There were of course many others that i watched and enjoyed but these are the ones i think that helped shape me early on into being interested in cinema as a medium.

I finally picked up a camcorder at the ripe old age of thirteen(ish), i managed to convince my stepdad to let me use the old one he had ‘stored’ in the loft. It was a sony handicam 8mm, now it wasn’t the best bit of kit even by the standards of the day. It was broken, to get it to work you would have to turn on and off and pray that it started up. One day it broke down completely and ruined the tape (destroying the only copy of toy terror 3 from this world!) but in the meantime it was the best gift i had EVER been given. So for my first shorts i made animations (stop still with live action) with my old toys and ghostbuster action figures. I would shoot these on my bedroom floor for hours at a time, i used vhs tapes (remember those kids?) for sets walls, buildings etc. These were crude at best, but i found them a great way to tell stories and feed my own imagination.

I managed to convince a school friend of mine to help me make my short film ideas/sketches and before long we were happily shooting every chance we got. My friend Richard Bayliss shot (and starred) in at least a hundred shorts and clips over a six year period. Back in those days, to show anyone our work (no youtube or facebook people), i had to make them a copy of the film on vhs. This meant editing straight from the camcorder, through the video player and onto the tape, meaning any mistakes were left in!. I once managed to show a short film to a small group of friends in the school’s library (it was a tiny tv but what the hell, it was an audience!).

Fast forward to today and i’m still making shorts and writing story ideas down on bits of paper laying around. I turned a corner recently and decided to make a fully fledged movie! to be shot on a bigger scale with REAL actor persons and (hopefully) to be shown on the big screen.

So please check out the site, follow the links to my work on youtube, vimeo and facebook and post me some comments. Be as constructive as you can though because i believe we never stop learning and it’s always good to have another pair of eyes looking over my shoulder.

— Matt Loftus,

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The Grey Zombie project is the product of the greatest zombie wizards: The Black Zombie and The White Zombie.

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