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Zombie Pursuit – Run for a Life! Petawawa Civic Centre, ON, Canada

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Date(s) - Oct 26, 2013
6:00 pm - 11:15 pm

Petawawa Civic Centre


2k and 5k Zombie Pursuit to raise money for the Leukemia & Lymphoma Society of Canada!

There will be a 2k geared towards younger zombies, and a 5k geared towards the older zombies!!! This is NOT a race – this is a PURSUIT. You choose whether you will be a Soldier, minimizing the spread of the infection that was caused after an accident in Crayon River, a local nuclear plant; or, maybe you were infected by the escapees contaminated from the accident; maybe you are one of the lucky ones who survived, and must seek shelter and fight off zombies on the way; or maybe, you just don’t move very fast, and you will be a ‘zombie shrieker’ who hides in the bushes, around corners, in places survivors least expect it! Participants will have flags that everyone will want! You must keep your flag to survive!


Event Day Schedule

Oct 26 5:00 PM – Pumpkin drop-off

Oct 26 6:00 PM – 2K Start

Oct 26 6:30 PM – 5K Start

Oct 26 7:45 PM – Awards Ceremony

Rules for 5K

  1. You must ALWAYS be moving forward. You may NOT turn back at any time, for any reason!
  2. Your flags MUST be worn on your back – tucked into a waist band of some kind, or wear a race belt and tuck it in there! Concealing flags will disqualify you.
  3. If someone captures your flag, you may not attempt to get it back from that individual.
  4. You may NOT leave the designated path to avoid zombies!
  5. You may ONLY take one flag at a time from any one individual
  6. Aside from taking flags, hands off – no zombie takedowns, please!
  7. Zombies eat brains, but they also LOVE Grade-A Zombie Food – before the pursuit begins, you may exchange cans of ‘zombie food’ (canned goods or dried goods) for a more condensed form of zombie ‘food’ that is easier to carry during the pursuit. if a Shrieker comes at you, you can keep him from taking your flag by giving him a ‘can’ of this special food, and they will leave you alone. This is an awesome bonus for the food bank – all food collected will be donated to the food bank!

Event Contact Information

Name: Jeremy Marshall



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