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“Free” – a horror music video from DJ N-Sane and Luke Prince

In the past weeks I’ve seen that Grey Zombie has lots of friends and I must say that most of them are very talented people.

Today I’m writing about one of Grey Zombie’s friends that is a very talented filmmaker, Luke Prince.

Luke teamed up with UK’s hardcore producer N-Sane to make a series of videos and “Free” is the latest of their work.


From the press release:

UK Hardcore producer N-Sane teams up with the filmmaker Luke Prince for the second time, to produce a Halloween themed rollercoaster of a ride with the music video for his new single, “Free.”

Following hard on the heels of April’s video for “Living in Ecstasy,” the duo have created a nightmarish journey through the music producers dreams, as he deals with the events of his previous video.


Luke Prince behind the camera

Luke’s dream is to go from music videos into full length feature films, and I write his own works. This horror video was a dry run for his next project which will be a narrative short film, also a horror.

Luke Prince about himself:

I am a new up and coming filmmaker who has grown up watching horror, my favorite film being The Shining. This film is a defining work for me, and the way Kubrick composed each shot to build tension and foreboding in an audience without succumbing to cheap jumps has always fascinated me.
Watching that film, and those similar, has made me always want to try my own hand at the genre. This video was a good place to start.

And about his work with DJ N-Sane

After doing the previous video for the dj n-sane (Living in Ecstasy, which see’s N-Sane in kidnap peril), and achieving success, we were keen to do a new video. I love the stylized camera work horror allows you to work with, and I really wanted the opportunity to use that in a project. Being Halloween was approaching, I pitched the idea of a nightmare to the client, and decided to tie it in with the time of year.

You can check Luke Prince on his website ( ) or on Twitter ( @lukeprincelp13 ).
You can check DJ N-Sane on Facebook here:

Now back to the horror music video “Free”

Here it is, watch it and share your opinion 🙂

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