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Get your Spooky Eyes

Going to a horror event is something we all do but there’s always one thing that we need: make up :). Well, maybe not always, but most of the time.

I’m getting ready for some events at the end of March so I started looking for different things, including contact lenses. I’m still thinking about the type of contact lenses I would use.
There is the zombie type, with the red veins, there is the white lenses that look really cool and also a lot of other variations.

Here is a website I’ve found and it has a huge collection of cool contact lenses:

And here are some sample contact lenses from the website:

spookyeyes-1 spookyeyes-2 spookyeyes-3 spookyeyes-4

About Daniel Grey

Daniel Grey aka The Black Zombie is a tech oriented zombie wizard, looking for endless sources of energy for his magic. He uses his magic to bring you great entertainment every day.
The Grey Zombie project is the product of the greatest zombie wizards: The Black Zombie and The White Zombie.

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  1. Hello,
    I found your site looking on fiverr. Would you still offer to write an article on other horror related blogs… ? Would be very great. Thanks a lot and kind regards

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