Re-Kill Movie [2013]


Re-Kill is a long-awaited zombie flick but it seems that the wait is, somehow, over. Following the news I’ve found out that in September 2013 (the earliest) or in the spring of 2014 (the latest) we will see Re-Kill on the big screen. I’ve heard so many speculations about why it was delayed so many times but I decided to ... Read More »

Zombie facts #2


How zombies are better than humans? They don’t buy stuff they don’t need, using money they don’t have. They just take the food they need in order to survive. Read More »

Zombie facts #1


With this post we start a new series of image posts: The Zombie Facts. Zombie fact #1 How are zombies better than humans? They don’t discriminate! They eat humans of all colors, genders, political and sexual orientation. Read More »

5 items for a zombie apocalypse … that you can buy now


A zombie apocalypse might or might not come in the near future but that doesn’t mean that you don’t have to be prepared. We had a look on to find some gear that you could use in case of zombie emergency and we’ve found some pretty amazing stuff. The products are not in a specific order, we like them ... Read More »

The Last Stand: Dead Zone


I’ve already wrote about “The Last Stand” and “The Last Stand 2” by Con Artists / Armorgames. “The Last Stand – Union City” is not forgotten but I consider it to be just an experiment before they released Dead Zone. Union City continues the story from the first 2 games, implements RPG mechanics but the true masterpiece of the series ... Read More »

The Last Stand 2


After the huge success of the first “The Last Stand”, Con Artists and Armorgames make an update to the game and come up with the new version – The Last Stand. Basically, it’s the same game, with some new – better – graphics and a twist in the game-play. Now you have 40 days to get to Union City, you ... Read More »

The Last Stand


“The Last Stand” is the first flash game in a long series of zombie flash games from Con Artists and Armorgames. Even if the game seems simple, not very feature rich, it was played millions of times. In “The Last Stand” you are a survivor in a zombie apocalypse game, you’ve found a place to hide and you’ve built a ... Read More »

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