Top 8 Horror Movies 2013

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Every year, when the winter vacation comes, I make a list of movies to watch and I spend my time with family and friends in the days between Christmas and New Years Eve watching movies. As we do almost every year, on top of the list we have some horror movies. Let’s see what is worth watching this year. Horror ... Read More »

Top 15 online resources for horror writers


Read also the guide How to Fund and Promote Your Horror Project. The initial guide I wrote, on how to fund and promote your horror project, was only the first step in my quest to help the horror community. On this article, “Top 10 online resources for horror writers”, I want to focus on a set of this specially selected ... Read More »

The Bug Out Bag, a necessity


There have been some recent earthquakes around the area where I live and disaster preparedness came back to me as an important topic. I wrote in the past on the subject of disaster preparedness and I’ll get back on the subject as many times as it is needed. We all have to admit that an extreme event can happen at ... Read More »

How to Fund and Promote Your Horror Project


I’ve seen that there are a lot of creative people in the horror community but not all know how to get organized, how to focus on their projects, how to get the needed funds to turn a good idea into a good project and how to promote the project they worked so hard on. I’m not talking about big companies ... Read More »

Zombie Plant™, Great Gift Idea for Halloween


I’ve covered makeups for Halloween, costumes and decorations but today I have to show you a really great idea for a Halloween gift – the Zombie Plant. What is the Zombie Plant? It’s a small and nice plant that dies when you touch it and then comes back to life in only a few minutes. And then you can touch it again ... Read More »

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