Dance Like A Zombie – music video from HOA Music


I haven’t posted much in the zombie music category lately, it’s hard to find good zombie music 🙂 but today I’ve found something nice. I’ve found a K-pop group from Taiwan called Hearts of Asia Pop Music that just launched a music video called “Dance Like a Zombie“. It’s not scary but it’s fun to watch. Zombie fun :). You’ll ... Read More »

The Zombies Around Us


This is a post I wanted to write since I first started the blog. I started it a few times, always ending by deleting it after a few lines. I thought that not many people think the way I do, I thought I might offend some people but now I realized that it wasn’t true, there are a lot of ... Read More »

Costumes, Decorations and Gifts for Halloween


This is the time of the year when, whatever we do, we find ourselves searching for Halloween related stuff. It’s either Halloween costumes, or Halloween makeup tutorials or gifts or home decorations; whatever it is, it’s Halloween related :). While I was wandering today on the internet I’ve found a new website dedicated to Halloween: . They just started but they ... Read More »

“Zombie World” flash game – Let’s have some fun!

Intro screen for Zombie World

Zombie World, a zombie game featured on Armorgames looks like just another tower defense game but it’s more than that. What is Tower Defense: a game classified as tower defense consist in different mission maps where enemies come from one side of the map and they have to reach the other side; when they do that, they win. Normally, in ... Read More »

Human nature, the real threat in zombie genre


I always liked zombies, they are probably the last real monsters of horror. When you look at it, all other monsters lost their scary mojo. Vampires became sparkling lovesick day walkers, werewolves turned in to tame puppies. But zombies, well they stayed zombies, of course there was a try to tame them also (Warm Bodies), but how can you make ... Read More »

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