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Strange Hunting by David Robertson

StrangeHunting_coverOn my searches on Amazon for new and interesting stuff to read I stumbled upon a new horror kindle book and I’m reporting to you about it.

The book is called Strange Hunting, written by David Robertson and it’s his first book so we should encourage him.

About David Robertson:

David Robertson is a writer living in the ‘big sky’ country of Montana. He grew up reading Bradbury, King, and Tolkien and developed a love for stories of regular people who find themselves in extraordinary circumstances. His first book, Strange Hunting, features a regular guy who finds himself in exotic places, facing adventure, magic, odd rituals, and strange monsters.

And about the book:

Berk Willis travels to Africa for a hunting trip with his father. There he finds an exotic world where holy men protect the people with age-old magic and desert nomads still fear ancient demons. His adventures in Africa set him on a path where he travels the globe, hunting legendary monsters. In the process he finds adventure, mystery, odd rituals, and some things even he can’t explain.

You can find the book on Amazon, here:

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