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The Zombies Around Us


This is a post I wanted to write since I first started the blog. I started it a few times, always ending by deleting it after a few lines. I thought that not many people think the way I do, I thought I might offend some people but now I realized that it wasn’t true, there are a lot of ... Read More »

Zombie training grounds


I’ve seen that you liked my other articles (zombie vs ghost or zombie thoughts) , thank you for that! so Black Zombie asked me to write some more :). Here it is my piece on zombie training grounds. Enjoy! OK, so the zombie apocalypse is getting closer every day now, but it’s clear that they just can’t attack us from ... Read More »

Zombie thoughts


Yesterday, while I was sitting on my porch looking for some zombie activity out on the street, a thought crossed my mind: what should I do with all this spare time I have so I could keep myself focused and ready for when, finally, the zombies will show up. After debating alone for a couple of minutes a cat came near me, ... Read More »

Zombie versus ghost


We all love zombies, but how about their long time rivals – ghosts? Are they different from zombies, and if so what are those differences? And off course, what I’m really thinking is: which one is more powerful, which will be stronger and tougher in a close contact scenario? Well, first of all let’s have a look at their origins and see ... Read More »

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