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Halloween Makeup Tutorials


Halloween is just around the corner, I’m waiting it too. When it comes to Halloween you’re thinking about parties, having fun with friends, some free time, a new chance to let the inner child go wild, how will you decorate your house and … how will dress up for the event :). Well, we’re not going to tell where to ... Read More »

Hobart Zombie March


What are you doing on Aug 24, 2013? If you are in Hobart, Tasmania you have to prepare for an awesome zombie event – the Hobart Zombie March. Have a look at some pictures from the past events and a video from last year and have fun 🙂 You can see more pictures from the past events here, on Facebook ... Read More »

Buried Alive Film Fest – Atlanta, 2013


Are you in the mood to see some independent horror movies? Or you have your own independent horror movie you want to show to a interested audience? Here is your chance: The Buried Alive Film Fest in Atlanta. The Buried Alive Film Fest of Atlanta is your chance to prove your film’s worth. No matter if it’s feature-length or short-form, ... Read More »

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