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“Zombie World” flash game – Let’s have some fun!

Intro screen for Zombie World

Zombie World, a zombie game featured on Armorgames looks like just another tower defense game but it’s more than that. What is Tower Defense: a game classified as tower defense consist in different mission maps where enemies come from one side of the map and they have to reach the other side; when they do that, they win. Normally, in ... Read More »

Dead Rising 3 Preview


There has been a lot of development in the zombie games genre in the last years but people say that Dead Rising 3 is the next-gen zombie apocalypse game. Dead Rising 3 comes exclusively on XBOX One and it features a massive open world, the city of Los Perdidos located in Southern California that will be split in 4 areas: ... Read More »

Zombies on Kickstarter


You all know what Kickstarter is. Kickstarter is a new way to fund creative projects, you can see it as a marketplace of cool and, sometimes, crazy ideas (some are so crazy that they just might work) where you pick your favorites and participate, financially, on the projects you like. Every project has a certain amount of money it needs ... Read More »

Zombie HQ

Zombie HQ

Zombie HQ is an excellent game from Rebellion (for android) / Fuse (for iPhone/iPad) despite the fact that it has only 4.2/5 stars from 1800+ users. Imagine a zombie infested city where you’re alone and you have to survive. You get to fight the zombies in different mission types, you level up, you get resources, buy more guns and upgrade ... Read More »

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