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Strange Hunting by David Robertson

On my searches on Amazon for new and interesting stuff to read I stumbled upon a new horror kindle book and I’m reporting to you about it. The book is called Strange Hunting, written by David Robertson and it’s his first book so we should encourage him. About David Robertson: David Robertson is a writer living in the ‘big sky’ country of Montana. ... Read More »

Horror short films – an amazing selection


Many of the horror movies we like have their roots in some amazing horror short films. I’m a big fan of short films, I think there are some short films out there that are better than a lot of Hollywood movies, we just have to discover them. A horror short film has to concentrate so much feelings, emotions, violence and ... Read More »

A change on GreyZombie


Until now we, as a project, focused mostly on Zombie stuff, movies, TV shows, books, all things zombie related but time has come to make a small change in our focus. We like The Walking Dead but we also like Supernatural and Grimm. We like 28 Days Later and World War Z but we also like movies like Carrie, The ... Read More »

Freddy Krueger – my first contact with the horror genre


I was talking, the other day, with some friends on Facebook about first encounters with the horror genre and since then I started to remember how it was for me :). It was in 1986 and I was only 8 That’s when my story begins. Some of you might remember but some of you were not even born in ’86 ... Read More »

Scare-A-Con 2013


Well, it seems that today I had a special appetite for events and conventions :). I wrote earlier today about ZSW and, in the meantime, I discovered a new awesome event: the Scare-A-Con 2013 convention. Scare-A-Con is not only a zombie convention, it’s a full-fledged horror & sci-fi fan convention. It has lots of special treats for the participant: The RIP ... Read More »

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