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Human nature, the real threat in zombie genre


I always liked zombies, they are probably the last real monsters of horror. When you look at it, all other monsters lost their scary mojo. Vampires became sparkling lovesick day walkers, werewolves turned in to tame puppies. But zombies, well they stayed zombies, of course there was a try to tame them also (Warm Bodies), but how can you make ... Read More »

The Walking Dead Escape, NY just before TWD Season 4


I already posted the event here The Walking Dead Escape, NY, 2013 but I think we should talk more about this event since there are some special circumstances around it. The event will be on October 12, from 6:45 pm to midnight. On October 13 we have the premiere for The Walking Dead, Season 4 (view the trailer here) and we all ... Read More »

“The Walking Dead” Maze – new version – back in 2 locations


Starting with September 30, 2013 two new zombie mazes will be available to all The Walking Dead fans. The mazes at Universal Studios Hollywood and Universal Orlando will send guests through the zombie infested areas around the West Georgia Correctional Facility and into Woodbury, all the interesting areas of season 3. Universal Orlando is also dedicating its entire “Halloween Horror ... Read More »

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