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My Secret Island presents “What was Yesterday”


Great music is hard to find. Great rock music is even hard. Now try to image how hard is to find great zombie rock music! Well, I’ve found the guys from My Secret Island and their latest video, What was Yesterday. Some info on the band, My Secret Island The project first received public attention in 2010 with a limited EP called “The First ... Read More »

My Beautiful Zombie – a short movie


I’ve just seen a short movie that I want to share with you all. It’s a short movie with a very interesting tagline :): In Miami plastic surgery never dies. From the author: Miami is devastated. The undead threat has risen, and the walking dead rule the streets. Zombies ravage the city while those still uninfected flee from the carnage. In ... Read More »

A change on GreyZombie


Until now we, as a project, focused mostly on Zombie stuff, movies, TV shows, books, all things zombie related but time has come to make a small change in our focus. We like The Walking Dead but we also like Supernatural and Grimm. We like 28 Days Later and World War Z but we also like movies like Carrie, The ... Read More »

The Zombies Around Us


This is a post I wanted to write since I first started the blog. I started it a few times, always ending by deleting it after a few lines. I thought that not many people think the way I do, I thought I might offend some people but now I realized that it wasn’t true, there are a lot of ... Read More »

“Zombie World” flash game – Let’s have some fun!

Intro screen for Zombie World

Zombie World, a zombie game featured on Armorgames looks like just another tower defense game but it’s more than that. What is Tower Defense: a game classified as tower defense consist in different mission maps where enemies come from one side of the map and they have to reach the other side; when they do that, they win. Normally, in ... Read More »

Zach Meets the Zombie from 1313publications


When I was researching for zombie projects on Kickstarter (see the list of zombie projects I selected) I’ve found Zach Meets the Zombie from 1313publications but it was already funded and available to buy so I didn’t write about it. Zach Meets the Zombie is the first volume in a series of books that have purpose of familiarizing kids with different ... Read More »

Zombie news roundup #4


Here we have some of the zombie news for Aug 21, 2013: Zombie pigeons in Moscow? It looks real! Wall Street Journal writes about it (here) and we can see video footage on (here) The Oregon Zombie Apocalypse Run 2013 is just around the corner, on October 12 and from their website it looks great; (note to self: I ... Read More »

Zombie Survival Weekender


I was doing my usual web zombie check the other day and I wanted to find some cool zombie events in Europe and guess what? I’ve found the Zombie Survival Weekender. They have a series of amazing zombie events, they already had 2 events this year in April and June and they 2 more to go. You can check ZSW ... Read More »

Zombie Apocalypse Survival


It’s all fun and games until the shit hits the fan and, in life, the shit always hits the fan! Intro on zombies I always loved zombies, zombie movies, zombie games, zombie events, almost all zombie related things. For each of the zombie things I like there is a simple explanation: zombies are just a representation of our fear of ... Read More »

Hobart Zombie March


What are you doing on Aug 24, 2013? If you are in Hobart, Tasmania you have to prepare for an awesome zombie event – the Hobart Zombie March. Have a look at some pictures from the past events and a video from last year and have fun 🙂 You can see more pictures from the past events here, on Facebook ... Read More »

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