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Decay [2012] – a free online zombie movie


A group of twenty somethings who work at a Large Hedron Collider (LHC) find themselves in an emergency situation as a result of a problem with the accelerator. The maintenance crew have been transformed into zombies after the particle accelerator malfunctions. The students must try to evade the zombies while running through CERN’s maintenance tunnels. Decay [2012] is a zombie ... Read More »

World War Z – Is really what it looks like!


As my title suggests, that tiny little “Z” at the end of it combined with some 2013 buildings on the back of the picture got me worry “It’s really a zombie movie, a natural genuine Z thing including some cool apocalyptic features? With Brad Pitt? Hmm… Something is not right here! 🙂 I know most of you already saw the movie a ... Read More »

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