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Zombie & Horror events in the second week of October

The time has come for a new events roundup. Here are the events for the second week of October, from Oct 7th to Oct 12th. Oct 10, 2013 New York Comic Con 2013 at the Jarvis Center; just the biggest convention on the East Coast 🙂 In Long Beach, California we have the Nosferatu Live Score Screening Oct 12, 2013 ... Read More »

Zombie & Horror events in the first week of October

There’s been so many event submissions in the last days that I realized I can’t remember all so I had to take a look to see what’s next :). I see that we have quite a few in the next week so I’ll make a summary for you, too: on Oct 4th and 5th we have Zompire, the Undead Film Festival ... Read More »

UK’s First Zombie Wedding?


Zombie-themed events are so popular nowadays that a zombie-themed wedding does not seem such a strange event as it would a year ago. I don’t know if this is the first zombie wedding in UK but I haven’t found any evidence of an event like this one. Now, the details: two horror fans from Liverpool have tied the knot in ... Read More »

Canberra Zombie Walk 2013


I discovered another great zombie event, the Canberra Zombie Walk. I’ve found them on Facebook, they don’t seem to be a large group but I bet it is gonna be a great event. The event is not only for fun, it’s a charity event. They are raising money for the Brain Foundation (Facebook / web). The Brain Foundation is some ... Read More »

The Kansas City Zombie Walk for Hunger 2013


There are so many zombie events around the world and so little time to write about all. October 13th, 2013 at 3pm, if you’re in Kansas City go to the Mill Creek Park and you’ll be able to participate in the fall edition of the KC Zombie Walk. Kansas City Zombie Walk is an awesome event that started 5 years ago, ... Read More »

Hobart Zombie March 2013 – Review


I wrote some time ago about a great zombie event – Hobart Zombie March 2013. The event happened yesterday, from the photos I’ve seen I can only say that it was awesome. They had around 350 zombies and that’s great for Hobart / Tasmania / Australia. You should check the Facebook group here and have a look at the photos ... Read More »

Zombie news roundup #2


The time has for yet another news update for all things zombie. On Aug 17, 2013, I’m sure you already know but I have to report it, there’s a Zombie Walk event in Vancouver. It’s not the first year they do it and it is expected to be big :). Check details here or go to Zombie Walk Vancouver group ... Read More »

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