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The Walking Dead, Season 4, Episode 2 – episode review (spoilers inside)

This episode left me with a strong feeling that 43 minutes not enough. After a first episode that showed us a world going back to normality despite all the zombies around the prison, now we see that nothing has changed, the danger is still out there and takes a new form. It’s time to get the gun out of the box, once again. Now let’s see what’s all about in the second episode of season 4, The Walking Dead.


The episode starts with …

… a zombie attack inside the prison. One of the older kids gets sick, dies and turns into a zombie and then attacks the survivors. The hell breaks loose, a lot of people die.

We’ve seen in the first episode that Rick had no gun, he had no wish to kill again, he wanted to gain his humanity back and he was focusing on planting seeds and taking care of the small farm they’ve built in the prison. He thought they were safe inside, he thought he could have a choice but he was so wrong.

After they kill all the zombies inside the prison they realize that zombies outside are almost putting down a fence. That’s the point when they realize they’re not going to hold the zombies out for long.

The pigs and the rats

The pigs from the small farm they had are symbol for normality, they represent Rick’s hope for going back to a normal life. He realizes that he has to sacrifice his dreams for the safety of them all.

The rats are a sign for a new plot that will unveil in the next episodes. One of the survivors was feeding the zombies on purpose, forcing them to go against the fence. I thought it was the little girl but I’m not so sure now.

Michonne and her secret

Michonne gets hurt when she was trying to get back in the prison, fighting two zombies. Nothing bad but enough to show us that she’s not that strong, she’s still human.

When she is recovering in a prison cell we see Michonne rejecting Rick’s little girl, she is annoyed but her cry, she can’t stand her. I felt there’s something wrong with Michonne but she took the little girl in her arms and started crying I realized that there are some deep scars in Michonne’s soul. She has a past that we, still, don’t know much about. I’ve put Michonne’s past on the things I want to know more about.


The disease

The disease is a new enemy. A small disease before the zombie outbreak, now becomes a killing disease and if you die you turn into a zombie. I have no idea what they will do about it but that’s the beauty of it, we’ll just have to watch the next episodes :).

Rick, Carl and the guns

At the end of the episode Rick gets his gun back and gives Carl his gun back. Remember, from season 3, that Rick took Carl’s gun after he killed a young boy from the Governor’s camp.

There’s great symbolism in this gesture, it’s Rick’s acknowledgement that the danger is still out there and that he has to go back to his ways. There is also a small dialogue between Daryl and Rick in the middle of the episode and Daryl is trying to explain Rick, in his simple and straightforward way, that he’s still needed, that he has to accept his role in the group and his mission.


Just Daryl

Daryl doesn’t have many lines, as usual, but when he does say something, it’s something to remember.

Carol: Are you OK?
Daryl: I have to be!

It’s clear that Daryl is emotionally stable, despite all the things that happened in season 3, and that he knows what his mission is.

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