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The Walking Dead, Season 4, Episode 3 – episode review (spoilers inside)

The third episode in the season seems like an episode that bridges episode 2 and 4 but it’s more than that. Apparently, it just follows the story after the outbreak inside the prison and prepares us for what’s to come in episode four when Daryl, Michonne, Bob, and Tyreese will have to make their way into the veterinary clinic and get back with something to save the sick ones.
But, as I said, is more than that. We’ve learned that nothing is simple with The Walking Dead :).


The Sickness

We’ve seen a lot of new things for the Zombie lore in The Walking Dead. Remember the time when Rick killed Shane and he turned into a zombie? We realized, then, that the zombie virus is something that everybody had and when someone died he will turn into a zombie.

Now, we go one step further. We see that a simple cold can cause a new zombie outbreak. It’s not the sickness that kills the people, it’s the symptoms. If you think about it you realize that the whole thing makes sense.
All the survivors are weak, their immunity is low, they had bad food, low hygiene, poor living conditions and now it all seem to work against them. A simple cold puts them one step closer to death, to zombification.

This part made me think how much we depend on things we take for granted, like simple antibiotics.

Going back to The Walking Dead, the sickness is just another enemy that puts the survivors to a test.

Carol’s decision

At the end of episode 2 we see two burned bodies. They were sick and they were about to die and turn into zombies. They were carriers of the disease that infected the survivors, they had to die.

Everybody thought about: who killed them?

Well, it seems that Carol did it. Rick did a small investigation and realized that Carol is the most probable suspect. We see an interesting dialogue between Rick and Carol:

Rick: Is there something you wouldn’t do for the people here?
Carol: No.

What Carol did was not easy, it’s hard to make a choice like that. But she did it because she had to. She’s not happy with what she had to do (look at the scene after Tyreese comes to talk to her) but she was protecting the rest of the survivors.
I’m thinking that Beth had something to do with the killing, I think Carol and Beth did it together. There’s no evidence to support that but look at how Beth is repeating “we all have a job to” during the episode.

Going to the Veterinary Clinic

The survivors need antibiotics to threat the symptoms of the cold, the thing that kills them. Hershel remembers about a Veterinary Clinic, 50 miles away from the prison, where they might find medicine.

Daryl, Michonne, Bob, and Tyreese go on a trip to reach the clinic but they get into big trouble. A horde of zombies is attacking them on the road and they have to abandon the car they were using and continue on foot.

Episode 4 will be about their trip (we see that in the episode preview), I’m sure we’ll see a lot of action.


What I’m still expecting to see in The Walking Dead

I haven’t seen the Governor and I’m still expecting a more confident Rick to emerge from the existing Rick. We’ll see 🙂

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