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The Walking Dead, Season 4, Episode 5 – episode review (spoilers inside)

A sad soul can kill quicker than a germ.
— Hershel

The enemy inside – the disease


The biggest threat in this episode is still the disease that’s affecting the survivors in the prison.

Daryl is late with the meds, Rick hasn’t brought much and, despite all Hershel’s efforts, people still die and turn into zombies.

The real hero of the episode Hershel that suffers a deep transformation from a man that never killed before to a man that is forced to terminate a zombie, no matter how much he hates it. Still, he doesn’t loose his faith.

If I would have to choose a main reason to see this episode it would be to see the development of Hershel’s character.


Rick and Carl, side by side


Carl is not a kid anymore and this is when Rick realizes that and acts accordingly.

The fence is not holding the zombies out anymore, there are too many of them, and Rick asks Carol to help him fortify the fence but that doesn’t work well and they are overwhelmed with zombies. They retreat but that’s not enough so they have to fight the zombies. During the fight Carl almost saves his father’s life and all ends well.


What will Daryl do?


Daryl is back at the prison almost at the end of the episode. He’s asking Hershel about Carol but he tells him to go talk to Rick.

That’s a strange moment and I think that the next episode will focus on a new conflict between Rick and Daryl.

We’ll just have to see how Daryl reacts and if he will leave to search for Carol.


The Governor is back


The wait is over, he’s back!
The Walking Dead would not be the same without him :).

In the last seconds of the episode we see the Governor outside the prison, looking at the fight between Rick and Carl on one side and the zombies that entered the prison, on the other side.

Now we have to ask ourselves: was he the one that brought all those zombies there? was he the one that was feeding them rats? Where are his two friends?

We’ll just have to see, I’m sure that episode 6 will be intense.

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