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The Walking Dead, Season 4, Episodes 6 and 7 – episode review (spoilers inside)

When I saw episode 6 last week and a few scenes from episode 7 I thought I had to make only one review and today, when I watched episode 7, I realized it was a good decision.

Cross my heart.
-The Governor 

The Governor

The Governor


The Walking Dead, Season 4, until now

Until now we haven’t seen the Governor. We’ve felt his presence while seeing what was happening with the fences at the prison, we felt he was around and somehow involved in what was going on but we never sow him. Until the last scene in episode 5.

In my review for episode 5, at the end, I was telling you that episode 6 will be intense. Well, it was!

So, what happened until now?
The survivors in the prison had to face a new enemy, a harmless disease in a modern world turns out to be a deadly disease in post-apocalyptic society where you have no meds and no way to treat a few symptoms.
A new connection is built between Carl and Rick, Hershel turns out to be a strong character (maybe stronger than we ever imagined), Carol does the right thing but she’s banished by Rick (we still don’t know what Daryl will do about that).
A lot has happened, it’s all covered in the previews reviews. I will not go into more details.


The Governor, part one


Episodes 6 and 7 are two Governor-centric episodes.

Episode 6 is all about the human side of the Governor, you almost feel sorry for him, for what he’s lost and for what he has become.

The Governor, now, is only a shadow of what he used to be, you can almost say that he has a death wish, he’s just waiting to die.
Why is that happening? Because he has lost his reason to live when his daughter was killed (even if she was already a zombie). His daughter was his last connection with the old world, with the normality.

In episode 6 the Governor meets a nice family with a small girl that has lost his father. He starts, unconsciously, a process of transference from his lost daughter to the girl he just met when he sees how much she needs his help.

The Governor, despite the fact that he is the evil hero, is a very strong character and I’m sure he is loved by many.


The Governor, part two


In episode 7 things start to change.

The Governor, while running away from zombies with his new daughter in his arms, falls into a pit and it’s forced to kill violently a few zombies. He is rescued by his old no. 2, Caesar Martinez, that brings him and the girls into his new camp where he’s the boss now.

The Governor soon realizes that, in order to protect his new surrogate family, has to do something. And so he does: he kills Martinez, he kills the new leader of the camp and he is a Governor again.

But that is not enough: the camp is a joke, vulnerable to human and zombie attacks and they are out of supplies so they need a better place.

I’m running things now, and I will do everything it takes to protect this camp. You join me, and I promise you never have to worry about whether you do the right thing or the wrong thing, because we will do the ONLY thing.
– The Governor talking to Mitch after killing his brother (the next leader after Martinez)

So, the Governor is back and, as we see from the last scenes, he will attack, again, the prison in an attempt to find a better place for his new family.

The next episode it’s the Mid-Season Finale, I’m sure it will be amazing and the confrontation between the Governor and Rick’s camp, taking in consideration how everything evolved, will be epic.


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