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Zombie Movies You Need To Check Out

As a lifelong horror fan it really does please me to see how relevant zombies have become the last few years. Thanks to sites like I and many other horror enthusiasts have been able to greatly expand out viewing of movies starring the un-dead. Well today I want o share with you a few zombie movies that I think every horror fan needs to watch.

Return Of The Living Dead 3 (1993)

return-of-the-living-dead-3I freaking love this movie, and while yes in fact it is the third in the series. The truth is this is one of those movies that you do not have to have seen the previous ones to enjoy. While the others are worth checking out. You can if you want just jump straight into this one.

The movie is about these two teenage lovebirds Curt and Julie. Curt’s dad works for the government in trying to get reanimated corpses to become soldiers. It’s a pretty cool concept. Curt and Julie are both into all things weird so they use his dads key car to sneak in and see what is going on. Well there is a motorcycle accident and Julie winds dead. Curt sneaks her corpse into his dads work and brings her to life. What is really cool about this is that Julie tries to fight off her zombie urges which I felt was a really unique take on the zombie genre.

The Signal (2007)

the-signalThis is one of those movies that I had never actually heard off, but one night I couldn’t sleep and I was able to catch it on the horror channel. There are some who may not really be cool with me classing this as a zombie movie, but I certainly think that it fits into that category.

This is a very interesting movie that is actually told in three parts, and from three different perspectives. The movie is about this signal that is being transmitted through the TV, radio and peoples phones. This signal is turning some of the people into blood thirsty killing machines. The movie is about people trying to survive, but I think the characters are very well developed for a zombie movie, and the movie moves at a really fast pace. This is one that slipped under many people’s radars (including mine) but it’s one I highly recommend if you are into zombie movies you check out.

Remains (2011)

remains-2011This is a great zombie movie, and one that before I started watching I kind of expected to be just your basic average zombie movie. But by the end of the flick I had been taking on a wild roller coaster ride, and when it comes to zombie movies if you ask me that is all you can ask for.

There has been a nuclear accident that has resulted in most of the world’s population being turned into zombies. Those who did not turn are trying their best to survive, such as the cast of this movie. We have a group of messed up people trying to hide it out in a casino. What makes Remains so cool is that this group of survivors are quite a messed up bunch, and they all have their own “issues” but as well as having to worry about each other. They need to worry about the zombies, which in this movie seem to be getting smarter and stronger with each passing day.

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