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Zombie Survival Manual – Sean T Page [Ministry of Zombies]

As soon as I opened the “Zombie Survival Manual” I couldn’t stop reading it, only once I took a break so I could call my wife and my daughter and show them the book.
— Daniel Grey, 

The “Zombie Survival Manual” is an amazing book / zombie survivalist manual from the Ministry of Zombies.

Ministry of Zombies is a virtual institution created by Sean T Page in London with the sole purpose of advising the government and other public bodies in case of a zombie outbreak. Zombie Survival Manual is not Sean’s first book on the subject but it’s the first one I’ve read.

I received the book a few days ago and I just wanted to have a short look. I thought I would read it during the weekend, I expected a lot from Sean and I wanted to allow me some time to read it and analyze it.
My surprise was huge when, some time later, I was finishing the book. I realized this has never happened for quite some time.

The book is a well balanced mixture of fun, well documented info and descriptive drawings. It’s impossible to get bored while reading it.

I surprised myself reading some passages with a smile and the telling to myself “wait a minute, that thing is really useful!” or “hey, that’s actually true!”.

It was really fun reading it and I was amazed to see such a high level of detail in everything (research done, descriptions, schematics, etc).
— Daniel Grey,


The “Zombie Survival Manual” is something that all of us should have in our house, it’s like the airbag in your car: you don’t want to ever need it but what if something happens and by having it then it saves your life?

Besides that, Halloween is just around the corner, X-mas is only two months away and I’m sure that this book would make a great gift for some of your friends.

Let me tell you a few things about what you can find in the manual

  • the book starts with the basics: what’s a zombie, how can you kill a zombie, what types of zombie are there
  • then it teaches us how to become a zombie survivalist: what’s needed, how to be ready and how to build our own zombie survival team
  • we have then two very detailed chapters on home preparation and defense and zombie combat and weapons
  • details on how to interact in the new society
  • the last chapter is a series of zombie survival tests that will tell you how well prepared you are


I believe that, even with a very low probability, a zombie outbreak is scientifically possible. Besides that: an extreme event of such a magnitude that can change the world as we know it, other than a zombie outbreak, is very probable. And I’m not the only one that shares this opinion and this concern.

I always said that being prepared for a zombie apocalypse makes you well prepared for almost any kind of extreme event that could hit us. And if we can prepare, if we have all the means necessary, why not do it?

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About Daniel Grey

Daniel Grey aka The Black Zombie is a tech oriented zombie wizard, looking for endless sources of energy for his magic. He uses his magic to bring you great entertainment every day.
The Grey Zombie project is the product of the greatest zombie wizards: The Black Zombie and The White Zombie.

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